Piercing Lazer - The Other Side Chronicles (Special Edition)

Piercing Lazer - The Other Side Chronicles (Special Edition)

After years of progress, The Other Side Chronicles album is finally out. Featuring the singles Simple Sight (Pt. 2), Risen From the Deep, Homeless, Care, The Secret, and Simple Sky, this album is the essential Piercing Lazer album!

It touches on the central themes of dealing with Depression, Anxiety, Insecurity, and that no one should hinder you from loving yourself or feeling like you're anything less than human. Featuring Katja Macabre on The Secret and the bonus track exclusive to the special edition: Death Over Life!

The special edition of this album is $5 exclusively on BandCamp and RealFaction.net as a thank you to the fans for the support all these years.  Five fingers on each hand that lent me one when I needed it most.  Thank you.

Art by ShadowCat5150: https://www.twitter.com/shadowcat5150


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